When you have selected an apartment in a particular Daya MK Project, your sales negotiator will be happy to give a total cost break up, to ensure that you have full knowledge of the total payments to be finalize a sale.

There are several costs beside the cost apartment to consider. Additional costs, which are unavoidable for any purchase. Here are some of the costs that automatically apply on purchase of a flat.


Lets follow the simple list given for purchase

  • Deposit Paid (this will reverse the chosen home)
  • Agreement of sale exchanged (with in a stipulated time) between yourself and Daya MK. 7- 10 days from the date the deposit has been paid, 15% of the flat value has to be paid at the time of signing the agreement

Note: The payment has to be cheque / DD or by credit card. If the payment is made in cheque then the agreement can only be signed after the clearance of the cheque

  • Balance 85% payment can be made in two ways,
    • Personal agreement of finance
    • Housing loan
  • Registration. Transfer of flat to your name.
  • Handover of keys and occupation.

Housing Loans

Daya MK has no vested interest in housing finance lenders, or any other institutions that they recommend. They are free to act solely in the best interest of the purchasers. There are numerous finance sources available for house purchase today. Your financial package must be one best suited to your needs. And it must be available on time.

Daya MK has the necessary contacts to make sure your application receives priority treatment. When all the necessary documents for your file, are provided by you at the earliest. A lot of legwork is involved in processing a loan.

Daya MK experience and understand makes the home buying process less traumatic and much less worry for you.

Each of our project in Daya MK, have approvals and special packages by several major housing finance lenders.

Which companies have priority to your project will be ticked in the list below.

  • HDFC
  • LIC
  • IDBI

All cheques / DD are to be made payable to “Daya Mk Developers (p) Ltd”.


Registration is a large transaction of documents between the builder, your self, and the Karnataka government to complete the purchase of your apartment it is very essential part of your home purchase and it applies to every one. Registration is always done at the completion of your flat. First confirm a suitable registration date with Daya Mk. Purchase stamp Duty papers day before registration (this should match the value of your flat value). You need four passport size photographs. Other processing charges will apply at this time.

  • Make sure that the registration date does not fail on any government holidays or second Saturday


This is the most confusing time for the buyers, as he/ she ill be juggling several factors at one time. Ensuring some pre planning makes it a simple procedure.
At the time of completion, to occupy you need two documents from Daya MK

  • “Inspection report” which you customer will sign to conform that the flat meets with your approval& satisfaction.
  • “Possession certificates” is issued after you have settled all payments towards your flat.
  • Daya MK will do Handover of keys to your apartment.
  • You can now arrange for puja, interiors or occupation at this time.

Note: maintenance will commence at this time, if registration has not been done


Daya MK will form an association for handover to the flat owners, at a specific time. The association will not be formed or be credible if formed by the flat owners at any stage during the construction of the project.

Completion of the project is considered only after completion of all areas, i.e., blocks, common areas, facilities, as per the project. This will be determined only by Daya MK. Individuals, have no rights to make ant changes either on the project, maintenance or hold meetings, till the formation and handover to the association.


Daya MK recommends that alterations should be carefully through of and submitted for valuation at one time. Note: Alterations means, to have an alternate option, this does not qualify Daya MK to design and arrange your interiors i.e., carpentry, altars etc. Maximum delays in completing either your flat or project is due to changes you elect from the original concept. All the technical date, materials, trainees are done in advance and any changes will require extra supervision / admin and time.

We at Daya MK always provide a large selection of the design to suit your needs. How ever, if elect to have alterations, these are some of the guide lines to follow

  • All required alterations should be submitted in writing to the Service liaison personal.
  • Oral instructions given on site, engineers, marketing executives will not be accepted.
  • Modifications will be charged as per Daya MK standards if approved.
  • Payments will be paid in full on intimation of quotations.
  • Any change of material if approved has to be provided on site by the customer’s best interest.
  • Inform the office at the stipulated delivery time, and material before dispatch of the customer.
  • Daya MK cannot be held responsible for any default or variations of the material sent by the customer.
  • Any alterations of tile laying, colours, patterns should be provided by the customer.

Any changes in the elevation, including covering balcony areas will not be allowed
Dismantling of walls of any part of a completed structure will not be permitted. (These create hairline cracks throughout the structure).


  • Allotment of car park only on receiving full payment
  • Non- payment of car parking will carry interest and vehicles cannot be allowed in the project.
  • Individual car park allotments will be issued at the completion of the project.
  • On special conditions, flat owners without car park allotment can be considered on rentals for a limited period, from the date of occupation.

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